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Swimwear Tips and Tricks to Flatter Your Figure

Let’s be honest–the vast majority of us are not shaped like models… and that’s a good thing!  Real women have curves, and no matter what shape we are, swimwear season always has a tendency to make our anxiety levels rise.  The key to feeling sexy and confident at the beach or pool is to choose swimwear styles that flatter your figure.  Although no two women are shaped exactly alike, there are some swimwear styles that are universally figure-flattering for all.


Merona Women’s 1-piece swimsuit by Target $39.99

Ruching & Tummy Control

Regardless of your shape, swimwear styles with ruched fabric detail and/or built-in tummy control are ultra-slimming for your torso area.  Just like in clothing, ruched fabric helps create texture and helps make a not-so-toned torso look flatter and smoother.  Similarly, swimsuits with built-in body control help suck you in and flatten your stomach.


J.Crew Jersey Lomellina® asymmetrical blouson tank $115

Blouson & Trapeze Tops

But if anything too tight makes you wary, look for swimwear styles that don’t closely hug your body.  For example, blouson-style one-pieces are fitted up top and on the bottom, but have a flouncy flattering fit around your torso.  Similarly, trapeze style tops have a flattering a-line shape and flare out at the right places.


Maidenform Floral Underwire Push-Up Halter Bikini Top at Kohls $25


Maidenform high-waist bikini bottom at Kohls $25

Support is Key

There’s nothing more unflattering than a droopy bustline.  If you’re fuller up top, stay away from skimpy string triangle tops, as they offer little bust support and coverage.  Instead, go for swimwear styles with thicker halter straps or any top with underwire support.  Underwire bra tops are a huge trend this season, and look great with matching high-waist bottoms.


John Lewis Skirted Floral Control Swimsuit, Pink/Navy $77

Skirted Swimwear

Finally, swimsuits with skirted bottoms are universally flattering, regardless of your body type, plus they help hide that upper inner thigh area.  If you’re into one-piece swimsuits, try a swimdress (one-piece with a skirted bottom).  But if you’re into two-pieces, try a bikini or tankini top paired with a ruched skirted bottom.  And if you’re a fan of classic one and two-piece swimwear styles, just add a sarong!  You get that same figure-flattering effect and you’ll look instantly island-chic!

This season, choose figure-flattering swimwear styles and walk the beach like your own personal runway.

Susan Bodack is the Director of Social Media Marketing at–your one-stop shop for fashion-forward designer swimwear, beachwear and accessories.  For additional swim tips and tricks, tweet them @InStyleSwimwear.

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Pregnant and Dating; New Reality Series

WE TV has a new reality series, ready to air may 31st at 10pm, called Pregnant and Dating. This series is about 5 mommies-to-be who through their pregnancy are still looking for Mr. Right.

How do you feel about this reality series?


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Beach Bags

Warm weather equals beach weather. Ready to soak up the sun this summer ? Dont forget your beach bag.

Here are some great great finds to make your trip to the beach a fashionable one.


Kate Spade

Get cheeky with Kate Spade’s “That’s the Last Straw” tote ($248 at




Opt for a colorblock bag in bright colors like Gap’s Two-tone Canvas tote in neon coral ($50 at )

Juicy Couture

Take the beach to your bag with Juicy Couture’s hand painted Surf Board Raffia tote ($90 at


Try the season’s two-tone black and white trend with Zara’s striped studded tote ($90 at

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Hot or Not


Khloe Karadashian was spotted leaving her NYC hotel in a $255 Clover Canyon Long Board Printed Bodycon Dress, $1,250 Givenchy Antigona Clutch and $1495 Jimmy Choo Letitia Platform Sandals.

What do you think of this look? Hot or not?

Here at Bronze Magazine we think Khloe did a great job showing off this look. The matching color, orange, is not overbering but the perfect acent for the look.

Tell us what you think.

For more celebrity fashion visit us at

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Daughters Get Thrown Out of Mall For “F- Cancer” Hat

Many women suffer from cancer. When the women suffers, so do thier love ones around them. These ladies faced what any daughter would view as a nightmare. Before her passing, her children, Makia Underwood, 32, Zakia Clark, 29, and Tasha Clark, 27, began to wear hats and shirts that read “F— Cancer.” The “C” and “F” is replaced by a breast cancer awareness ribbon. It was their way of copping and adressing a disease that they watched steal their mother from them. Zakia Clark told, “It took our mom away. It’s a demon. It’s the devil. There are no other words you can use to explain how you feel. You want cancer to get cancer and die.”

Their  stance against cancer got them in trouble. Zakia and Tasha were kicked out of King of Prussia Mall for wearing their “F— Cancer” hats last Sunday. reports: The ladies had just sat down when a security guard approached them and, without a greeting, ordered: “‘Take your hats off.” Zakia took hers off, but Tasha, who once worked at the mall, told the guard she wanted to see something in writing. It was almost as if Tasha were channeling their mother’s strong spirit, Zakia said, and it inspired her to put her own hat back on.

“He said, ‘Since you don’t want to take your hat off, you can leave my mall,” Zakia recalled. “He stood there while we ate and threatened to call the cops.” […] As the group was escorted to the mall office, Makia called and met up with them. Once they got to the office, the women were met by an Upper Merion Township police officer, who had been called to the mall by security guards.

“The officer said, ‘I find it offensive that you even have that hat that says ‘F— CANCER,’ ” Zakia said. “He said, ‘It’s their mall, they want you out, you have to get out.’ The women were escorted out, and two security cars were waiting for them at their car just to make sure they left, Zakia said.”

When news outlets began looking into the incident, a spokesman for the company that owns King of Prussia Mall, Les Morris, called Zakia to apologize.

He told the People Paper: “Certainly this could have been handled in a much more empathic and sensitive manner. We’re very sorry about her loss and wanted to apologize for the way her party was treated.”

Zakia accepted Morris’ apology and the daughters decided to take this incident and turn it  into an awareness rally about cancer.

What are your views about this incident ?

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5 Healthy Snacks To Reduce Stress

Everyday us women suffer from stress. We suffer from stress for many different reasons. When reacting to stressors, the body releases hormones such as cortisol, which is known to impact the immune system, digestive system, skin and more. Stress can affect nearly every system in the body, and it may be undermining your health in more ways than you realize.

One way to fight back is by “eating your feelings.” Here are five foods that can reduce stress.

1. Nut

The omega-3s found in nuts help the body maintain a lower blood pressure during stressful situations. The highest omega-3 packing nut are walnuts.

2. Kiwi

Kiwi’s have a high Vitamin C content and help reduce stress hormone levels in the bloodstream. Add this fuzzy skinned fruit to your next fruit salad for a sweet treat.

3. Oatmeal

A small serving  of oatmeal contains powerful complex carbohydrates and can boost serotonin levels. And when your serotonin, a neurotransmitter, leaves are kicked up you are left feeling you more relaxed.

4. Chocolate

Studies show that regular consumption of a modest amount of dark chocolate can help reduce anxiety . Sold. Looking for an inexpensive portioned controlled way to indulge? Grab a bag of them in chip form. 32  dark chocolate chips only have 70 calories.

5. Strawberries


High in magnesium, strawberries can help reduce anxiety and irritability. Add some to your post workout smoothie or slice a few over your cereal in the morning. Strawberries mix well with just about any fruit and even some veggies.

For more healthy habits and facts visit us at

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Actor and Rapper 50 Cent Pays For The Funeral Of Teenager Gunned Down.

Good people still walk this planet.

Rapper and Actor deserves a pat on the back for his good deed.

This week 50 cent lent a helping hand to help the family of 14-year-old D’aja Robinson, who was killed after leaving a Sweet 16 party in Queens. 50 Cent reached out to the family and offered to pay for all the funeral expenses.

50 cent even went out his way and got the family a horse and carriage for the funeral.

The teenager  was struck by a stray bullet as she  just boarded the bus with her friends last weekend.

According  to the NY Daily News, D’aja was not the intended target.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Robinson family.


Will and Jaden Smith Reunite with Alfonso Ribeiro and DJ Jazzy Jeff on the Graham Norton Show

Graham Norton Show

While promoting their new upcoming film After Earth, Will Smith and son Jaden appeared on the UK’s Graham Norton Show on Friday and entertained the audience by reuniting with surprise guests DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro. The Fresh Prince has long since been off the air but there are two things we’ll always remember about the show: the Carlton Dance to Tom Jones’ It’s Not Unusual and Will and Carlton’s infamous “Apache (Jump On It)” Dance to the tune of the Sugar Hill Gang. Good Stuff.

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‘Fatkini’ Goes Viral and Sells Out Instantly

Gabby Gregg modeling the Galaxy print plus size bikini

Gabby Gregg modeling the Galaxy Print Bikini

The first time the plus-size world has a bikini to go “wild” about, it’s sold out before swimsuit season even begins. Dubbed the ‘fatkini’ by the fuller figure world, the Galaxy-print bikini is the collaboration between plus-size blogger Gabby Gregg and retailer Swimsuits for All. Apparently there was more demand for the highly anticipated bikini than the swimsuit retailer could fulfill in supply; in addition, a computer glitch oversold the style which left many disappointed and unhappy fans and potential customers. It also looks like Swimsuits for All has temporarily dismantled their website as a result of all the backlash.

Gabby Gregg is such an inspiration to plus-size women everywhere and the fact that so many of her followers were willing to purchase her designs is proof that the plus-size market is very lucrative. This should serve as an eye opener for many retailers who tend to overlook or dismiss this under served market. Perhaps as a result things will start to change and Gregg may even have an opportunity to collaborate with a major retailer that can better support larger production such as Macy’s, Sears or JcPenney. We wish Gabby the best!

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