Kardashain Mania in Texas


Saturday May 4th editor Ayo Shittu had the opportunity to see first hand Kardashian mania at Willowbrook Mall in Houston, Texas. This is what Ayo had to say:

…Willowbrook Mall Houston,TX  the Kardashian sisters get an overwhelming welcome from screaming fans celebrating their Spring collection.  There over 800 fans showed up early in line to be of the 200 people chosen to get an autographed photo with Kim, Kourtney and Khloi Kardashian.  According to local channel 2 news and Sears staff there were fans in line since 9pm Friday camping out beside the mall.  Kardashian mania it was!

Kim Kardashian


Kourtney in super cute bangs, pregnant kim in all black and the most praised Kardashian in a coordinating black jacket and tight skirt.  They were simple but chic.  Fans can watch all Kardashian madness on the links below.” – Ayo Shittu





Through all the chaos Ayo Shittu came out with their autographs. What a great day.

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