‘Fatkini’ Goes Viral and Sells Out Instantly

Gabby Gregg modeling the Galaxy print plus size bikini

Gabby Gregg modeling the Galaxy Print Bikini

The first time the plus-size world has a bikini to go “wild” about, it’s sold out before swimsuit season even begins. Dubbed the ‘fatkini’ by the fuller figure world, the Galaxy-print bikini is the collaboration between plus-size blogger Gabby Gregg and retailer Swimsuits for All. Apparently there was more demand for the highly anticipated bikini than the swimsuit retailer could fulfill in supply; in addition, a computer glitch oversold the style which left many disappointed and unhappy fans and potential customers. It also looks like Swimsuits for All has temporarily dismantled their website as a result of all the backlash.

Gabby Gregg is such an inspiration to plus-size women everywhere and the fact that so many of her followers were willing to purchase her designs is proof that the plus-size market is very lucrative. This should serve as an eye opener for many retailers who tend to overlook or dismiss this under served market. Perhaps as a result things will start to change and Gregg may even have an opportunity to collaborate with a major retailer that can better support larger production such as Macy’s, Sears or JcPenney. We wish Gabby the best!

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