Save For The Honeymoon: Affordable & Beautiful Wedding Venues

Every female dreams of a big extravagant wedding. Bigger than their imaginations.But is this type of wedding realistic. Here are 3 venues in NYC that are beautiful and affordable. Leaving money for a great honeymoon.

1. Thalassa


“Tribeca’s favorite Thalassa offers a menu of delicious Greek and Mediterranean dishes featuring fresh seafood and organic produce. The restaurant was awarded 3 stars by Forbes, Zagat and is the recipient of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for having the most extensive and exclusive Greek wine list in the city, along with an extensive wine cellar offering an international assortment (including selections from France and the US). With dining rooms accommodating 50 to 200 guests.”

The Mediterranean gem ranges from $100 to $200 per person.

2. The Aurora Gallery


“The Aurora Gallery opened its doors in 2002 in Chelsea, New York’s Art District. The Gallery was started to provide the under-represented artists of New York with a location to showcase their works. The Gallery has been the venue of choice for a wide range of art related events. The Gallery also acts as an affordable  private event space. For those in search of a unique venue in NYC that has an eclectic feel The Aurora Gallery is the place for you. Whether you are a bride in need of an inexpensive and amazing looking reception venue or a visionary film scout in search of the a versatile location we are your place.”

The room seats 120 guests plus a dance floor, for $1,300 starting price.

3. Hellen Mills Event Space

137 W 26TH ST., NEW YORK, NY 10001

“HELEN MILLS is one of New York City’s most unique venues, featuring a spectacular street-level event space, as well as a 140-seat theater and screening room. The event space is ideal for a variety of corporate, social, non-profit and arts-related events, including product launches, charity auctions and celebrations of all kinds. The theater, located on the lower level, is the perfect location for corporate meetings, film screenings and live performances.”

The versatile setup accommodates 250 guests for cocktails and 125 for a seated dinner, with the most affordable option starting around $125 per person.

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