Dating Myths That Shouldn’t Be Myths

Lets be real, dating sucks. It can be uncomfortable, questions and laughter dont come easy, and honestly your not ready for it.We all know, it sucks to be alone.

Solution ? Stop feeding into society and get out there and take rejection like a big girl. Dont let those myths stop you from meeting the man of your dreams

In the history of men it has never been heard of a man saying, “This girl is smart, amazing, funny, and beautiful, but there is one thing…I slept with her on the first day”

Ladies dont wait out there for prince charming you might get impatient, go out there and find whats yours.


Here are a list of myths that have women not taking the first move:

#1. “Don’t sleep with him on the first date.”

If you’ve done it….move on with life, get to know the guy. He isn’t pondering the first date.

#2.“Don’t pursue him.”

A man dosent run away if you start off the conversation. I promise in the back of his mind he ISNT thinking “wow how desperate”

#3. “If He’s Single, Either He’s Gay, Crazy, Or He’s Lying.”

Why cant it just be he has not found the right one. c Chances are maybe he is a true gentleman.

#4 .”Men love aggressiveness”

Yes, men do love assertiveness but they do fall deeper for a women with a warm heart. So stop trying to wear the belt!

#5.”nice guys finish last”

Nice guys come out with the women of their dreams and a happily ever after.


-Now that you know these myths shouldn’t be lived by what are you waiting for ? Go at the dating game !


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